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Kieran is a sought after medical expert and mental health advocate in all areas of the media. With a wealth of experience in the media space and a growing list of allied platforms, Kieran has a passion for translating complex medical information and advocating for health of mind into fresh and relatable messages.

Alongside his own writing and written projects, Kieran regularly contributes medical information & expertise for Men’s Health & Women’s Health magazines and other platforms. He regularly provides expert input for both local and international publications, and is a regular radio commentator when it comes to health and wellness.

TV based work is one of Kieran’s passions when it comes to pushing for greater awareness for health of mind. He currently co-hosts ‘Ticker Health’ weekly for news streaming platform TickerTV, alongside regular expert appearances to discuss health & wellbeing with leading programs including ‘The Today Show’, ‘Studio 10’ and ‘A Current Affair’.

Kieran’s passion for spreading awareness and advocacy extends further into corporate and keynote speaking. With part of his mission being to bring relatable stories and practical advice to health of mind and body, Kieran has previously led speaking events and workshop seminars for leading businesses and brands including Citibank and Ernst & Young Australasia.