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By Marni Dixit for Yahoo Lifestyle

This year has been unlike anything we’ve ever lived through. We started the year with bushfires here in Australia, followed by floods and then the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve barely had any time to just breathe and relax.

But, now we’re nearing the end of what has likely been the toughest year of many people’s lives and one thing that a lot of people will be struggling with this Christmas is isolation and being unable to visit their family and friends.

If you’ve been feeling lonely this festive season, know that you’re not alone, many of us are feeling similarly and while we can’t magically make everything OK, we’ve spoken to some experts on how to best cope at this time of the year.

Dr Kieran Kennedy, a medical doctor working in psychiatry, spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about why this time of the year can be so challenging for some.

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