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Erin Docherty for Mamamia

Living life in 2021 is enough to make anyone feel out of sorts.

Between the pandemic, last year’s civil unrest, political battles, protests and the discussion surrounding silent victims of depression (see: the Royals interview), it’s not a huge surprise that many people’s mental health has taken a whack.

“There’s been a lot out there in the media these past few weeks about mental health, and mental struggles, and let’s face it – not all of it’s been positive,” said medical doctor and psychiatry resident Dr Kieran Kennedy.

The royal interview is a clear cut example of a woman stepping into her story and bravely outing the mental struggles she’s gone through.

“As a mental health professional, this struck me as a really powerful and incredibly important moment, however the reaction to that from some has shown we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to acceptance and awareness for mental health.”

The fact is that almost half of all Australians will experience some form of mental illness in their lives – which is a pretty sobering thought. But for something so normal and expected, a lot of people still feel shame in seeking professional help.

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