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A medical doctor working in psychiatry, Kieran sees, first hand, the absolute importance in advocating for mental health and is fast becoming a leading voice toward this call within print media, television, social media & radio. Kieran has been featured in numerous print articles, provides written health content toward leading titles, is a regular podcast guest and features in TV & radio to head discussions around health, advocacy and wellbeing. His work includes regular input with The Today Show, Australian Men’s Health, Studio 10 and Australian Women’s Health, alongside content featured in IFLScience, The New York Post, VICE, & Men’s Health US & UK.

Mental health struggles sit among our top worldwide illnesses. And it’s working toward bridging the gap between the mental and physical where Kieran’s passion really shows.

With a passion for promoting mental health and breaking down barriers and stigma surrounding it, Kieran has worked with some of the leading names in television and media to heed a call for health of mind as well as body.

Just like in the gym, our mental muscle isn’t something given or gifted. It’s something grown.

Combining a love of fitness and exercise with medicine and mental health, his work spans across a range of platforms under the umbrella of both. Kieran truly believes the time is now for the modern man and woman to embrace their health and fitness in every sense of the word, and is making it his mission to help them do just that.

Alongside ongoing direct work and experience in medicine & psychiatry in his clinical work, Kieran has developed a growing fire for mental health advocacy and extending a voice to the call to think more about our health of mind.

Through completion of studies in Psychology, Human Physiology and Medicine/Surgery, Kieran has built a dual appreciation for the health of body and mind combined.

Alongside, he holds a passion for fitness and exercise, with prior work competitive bodybuilding and fitness modelling, merging these alongside his medical career toward a growing call for balance in our health of body and mind.

Dr. Kieran Kennedy MBChB BSc